About Us

Our Math Circle was formed in 2013 and focus on "Investigations". It is a journey of a Math Explorer.  We are going to do much less number-crunching and much more solving of interesting and unusual problems.  We will work on a variety of problems: puzzles, logical problems and problems that require creative thinking.  We hope that it will expose a part of math that is interesting and not typically covered at school.

There is no fixed answer or a fixed goal in many problems. An investigation might lead into many directions, by attempting different variables of a problem. What if we change this number? What if we change the addition to multiplication? A Math Exploration might eventually get to a grand destination, but it might simply visit many interesting places and have a fun journey along the way.  This may mean that sometimes we may just work on one problem in a session but we will explore deeper into this problem with many "I Wonder" and “What if”.

Our Math Circle  is not intended to train them to take a math contest (such as Math Olympiad contest) or as an after school program teaching the same materials kids are learning in school.  However, we may, if it makes sense sometimes, pick a subject closely related to what kids are learning in school with examples that they will find, 'aha, that's interesting or useful' to get better understanding.

Our session is intended as an interactive one where we encourage students to talk in the class, participating, engaging and arguing with us and each other.  It is not like a normal lecture style of us teaching on a whiteboard and students taking notes and work on solving problems on paper.  We work on solving problems together and figuring out things along the way.

We are based in Cupertino/San Jose, CA.  You can contact us at WonderlandMath@gmail.com or submit your questions here if you are interested in attending the circle or helping out.