Native American Day Math Contest 
Oct 9 is Native American Day (also known as Indigenous People's Day) .  To celebrate this occasion, we had an Operator Game Contest. 

Thanks for participating in our Native American Day Math Contest.  There were many different answers to both questions with many answers, creative and unexpected.   It was amazing that we have to create a new category, Da Vinci award, for the most creative answer.  There were so many good answers so we decided to list the top 3 answers for each question (in term of points they earned)

Problem A (1, 2, 6, 8 with target of 2)

Problem B (3, 10, 12, 13 with target of 10)

The winners are

Youth Division:  Ashley Wang
Adult Division:   Xiangjun Wang
Da Vinci Award : Allen Li, for the most creative answer: on Problem B (the 1st answer for Problem B listed above)

Check back here later this month for our Halloween Day Math Contest or follow us on our twitter feed (@wonderlandmath) for contest information when it is available.  Even you do not have the answer with the most points, you are growing your mind by working on them.  Great jobs, everyone.

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