Math Circle

Date: Nov 6 - Dec 17, 2018 (6 sessions)
Time: Monday, 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm
Location: Cupertino/West San Jose
Target Audience: 6th grade to 8th Grade
Cost: $180

I Wonder… Could there be multiple answers? What if I relax some criteria to explore other outcomes?

I Wonder… What if I change this rule or that parameter of the game? Would the game become more interesting?

I Wonder… Could I create similar problems? What could I change? What should stay the same?

Would you like to enter into the Math Wonderland with us to explore the many treasures along the way? Rather than worrying about giving the correct answer, we would have fun by asking questions to deepen our understanding of the problems and related mathematical concepts.

  • Think out of the box to find creative angles to analyze math problems.
  • Enhance logic reasoning through fun and imaginative puzzles.
  • Work collaboratively with teammates to inspire each other to look deeper.
  • Lead a discussion or present a possible solution in front of the class or within the team.

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